Influential People Media Group offers 4 different publications, printed in varying degrees of frequency throughout the year. Click on the cover to learn more about any of our publications, and to see our digital publication archives for each different magazine.

Influential Doctors Magazine

     Monthly publication that spotlights the most influential doctors, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, mental health specialist, physical therapist, nutritionist, dietitians, naturopaths, and more in the medical community.

Influential People Magazine

     A monthly and bi monthly publication that spotlights the most influential people who are making an impact on people lives around the world.

Fitness Fashion Magazine

     Monthly publication that spotlights influencers, trendsetters, fashionistas, health & wellness, spiritual health, fitness, fashions, fitness fashion, photography, modeling, make up artist, clothing designers,

Business Marketing Magazine

Monthly publication that  educates, identifies, and analyzes the trends and issues that impact business marketing and economy.